Aquascape Signature MicroFalls Waterfall Filter


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Product Description

The Aquascape Signature MicroFalls™ will help create the most natural looking waterfalls possible. The MicroFalls™ is surrounded with soil excavated from the pond. Out of sight ... out of mind. This two-stage upflow filter serves as a high-capacity biofilter, as well as the starting point of a waterfall. Just like the Aquascape MicroSkim™ Pond Skimmer, this unit is fitted with high-quality, user-friendly components. A plate across the front allows secure attachment of the pond liner. Mechanical and biological filtration is provided by two large filter pads and biomedia (biomedia sold separately) in large mesh bags. Solids can settle in the bottom of the tank.

Several options are available to cover the top of the filter. Built-in supports will accommodate flagstone, etc. A simulated rock waterfall stone is available as an option.

Product Features


  • MicroFalls™ houses the beneficial bacteria that go to work to clean the pond
  • Filters ponds up to 100 sq.ft. and 1,000 gallons (approx.)
  • Requires cleaning only once a year
  • Full liner attachable waterfall lip for a reliable, watertight seal on the filter
  • Rounded shape improves structural strength and makes it easier to camouflage into the landscape than a rectangular unit
  • Made from tough roto-molded high density polyethylene
  • Can handle pump flow rates up to 2,000 GPH
  • Includes two biological filter mats, one biological media net (media sold separately), barbed & slip fittings for both 1-1/2" kink-free and flex PVC tubing, fish-safe silicone and hardware to attach EPDM pond liner
  • 1-year warranty (warranty does not cover foam pads)

Product Specifications

  Signature MicroFalls
  Aquascape MicroFalls Waterfall Filter
Maximum Effective Pond Volume (gallons) 1,000
Maximum Flow Rate at Filter Inlet (GPH) 2,000
Inlet Size 1-1/2"
Discharge Size 15" waterfall weir
Dimensions (D x W x H) 21.5" x 20.5 x 17"
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Manufacturer aquascape
SKU AS/99774
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