Hakko HK-25 Air Pump


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Product Description

Hakko Air Pumps are high volume diaphragm pumps designed for a variety of low-pressure applications. Koi pond aeration, large aquarium aeration and earth pond destratification are only a few of the many applications for Hakko pumps.

Hakko pumps are compact, affordable, energy-efficient, and very, very quiet (less than 28 decibels) Hakko units utilize linear-motor theorem to reduce power consumption during full operation. Units are extremely quiet using spectrum analysis technology in order to decrease any mechanical noise.

Product Features

  • No oil needed for lubrication making Hakko Air Pumps easy to maintain
  • These are the best air pumps available today
  • Suitable for use in freezing temperatures as long as the air pump itself is not exposed to freezing temperatures - locate in the garage above freezing
  • Must be installed a minimum of 12 inches above pond water level to prevent water from flowing back
  • Not submersible

Product Specifications
  HK-25 Air Pump
  Hakko HK-25 Air Pump
Maximum Pond Depth 11.5 ft.
Maximum Air Flow 30 LPM / 1.1 CFM
Submersible no
Required Air Tubing Diameter 5/8" Dia.
Power Consumption 17 W
Warranty 18 months


More Information
Manufacturer hakko
Pump Type Air
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